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wine doser.

The perfect wine container.

IlBox is a wine dispenser and container for bag-in-boxes. With a minimal and elegant line - and with that touch of eccentricity - it adapts to your environment, standing out with discretion and attraction. IlBox is a refined design object that will be appreciated by all your guests.

Which color do you choose?

Design is the basis of the concept that animates IlBox. A refined product in selected nuances and textures available in multiple tone variations and which can also be customized for Restaurants and Wineries, like their own label.

Designed for a perfect tasting.

IlBox protects the taste of your favorite wines while maintaining what is necessary for a perfect organoleptic analysis, a real tasting where you can use your senses and savor all the characteristics of wines, from color, smell and taste.

From the large vineyards comes the fruit of the passion for things of value. IlBox brings it into your homes.

Charming, sober, with an unmistakable style. Like the wine it contains. It is Made in Italy in its purest meaning: the one that comes from the earth and flourishes thanks to the skilled hands of our designers.


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IlBox is easy to use. A few seconds and it is ready to distill its nectar.

In the video here, the steps necessary to assemble IlBox and make it ready for use. A few steps and there you are: open, insert, close!

The advantages

As mentioned, IlBox has many advantages over current cardboard containers and provides solutions to many problems related to the current methods of allocating wine bags:

  • it is a container for bags of liquids, generally for wines, reusable, unlike those already on the market, perishable and disposable
  • it is a design object, pleasantly visible in the living areas of our homes and in public places
  • it is 100% recyclable
  • it contributes to a significant reduction in the quantity of waste to be disposed of per unit of weight of liquid consumed
  • it is easily transportable
  • it allows a reduction of costs for storage and transport (entire logistics) thanks to the ease with which the product can be stacked
  • it has a greater ease of introduction of the bag than the current technique
  • there is an improvement in the storage conditions of the liquid contained with respect to what is allowed by the current packaging
  • it can be reused an indefinite number of times, replacing just the bag, with new liquid
  • it is potentially producible in different materials (plastic, wood, etc.)
  • it allows a "commercial customization" with the affixing of logos and trademarks applicable to the product prepared in any type of material and any films


The materials that make up IlBox are totally recyclable, to meet the most current sustainability needs. IlBox is durable, almost eternal, but if you decide to do without it you can always recycle it in plastic. 100% and without waste.

The measures of IlBox are perfect to fit even in the smallest spaces... even if in the end you will want to show them off. 18x18x25h centimeters of pure Italian Design. Self-supporting and self-standing, for the kitchen or even for larger spaces and furnished in a different way.

It opens with a click, accepts the bulk wine package, closes with a click and is ready to use. IlBox is compatible with the most popular wine bags on the market. Designed for great labels, it also makes room for any other wine.