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It is the land that, in Italy, has always nurtured tradition, quality and style. History is made up of little things, which over time become immortal.

The soil is our point of origin, both literally and spiritually, and wine is one of its most ancient fruits. Wine takes us back in time to the point of origin, where it all began, takes us “to the nectar of the Gods” and IlBox has brought the essence of design to the most famous Italian excellence.

IlBox was born to be exposed,

to integrate, the protagonist of your home, your restaurant, your cellar. Precisely for this reason we worked on an idea that could interpenetrate with the most intimate essence of wine: its place of origin, the Cellar, but also its tasting place, the Restaurant, and not least the place of aggregation: the tables set. Passing through the rows, as well as between the barrels, between the bottles and between the traditional flasks up to your glass, in a timeless dialogue.

IlBox is a true magical casket, a refined and elegant dispenser, which one can customize down to the most intimate detail. Whether it's a trademark or a light inlay, IlBox can carry your company's fingerprints. Exclusive, sentimental, pioneer, original in its unique and inimitable being.

IlBox can be customized in series. In the colors you prefer and with variations associated with your image. Do you want to “travel” your brand, your brand, your coordinated image in the company of a good wine? We can do it. We can print on the perfect surface of the package, but we can also do it, in the subtlest variables, with the application of a light texture on the whole body of the IlBox. To recount ourselves, in the language closest to that of the winery, company or restaurant that has chosen us.

IlBox is 100% recyclable and this was one of the cornerstones of its design. Even if you no longer want to part with IlBox, in any case, it is able to disappear and become something new when needed. Our creed is to respect the production chain, which is a world benchmark in the Italian wine industry, and at the same time give the right help to protect the environment.

IlBox is you.

For its dynamic and at the same time composed line. A winery with its own label. A restaurant with its innovative service positioned on a table. A Bar with its original offer. An object that can also become a merchandising product for any business. Personalized, customizable and personal, like a nice gift. Thought, sought, wanted and, finally, found.

Do you have a particular idea or need? Talk to us about it.

Good design takes two!

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The materials that make up IlBox are totally recyclable, to meet the most current sustainability needs. IlBox is durable, almost eternal, but if you decide to do without it you can always recycle it in plastic. 100% and without waste.

The measures of IlBox are perfect to fit even in the smallest spaces... even if in the end you will want to show them off. 18x18x25h centimeters of pure Italian Design. Self-supporting and self-standing, for the kitchen or even for larger spaces and furnished in a different way.

It opens with a click, accepts the bulk wine package, closes with a click and is ready to use. IlBox is compatible with the most popular wine bags on the market. Designed for great labels, it also makes room for any other wine.