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For some time now there have been on the market cardboard containers for bags of liquid, typically wine, commercially known as “bag-in-box”.

IlBox is an evolution that makes this product more usable by bringing it into a timeless design and eliminating the belief that this method of wine tasting can only be associated with wines of low quality and price.

If the "bag-in-box" has brought advantages over traditional containers, in terms of watertightness or tapping, avoiding the entry of air, isolation from light, while maintaining the characteristics of the product, IlBox, in turn, eliminated the widespread prejudice of “wine in cartons” and also provided a solution regarding the recyclability of the box by only changing the liquid bag when finished.

With this concept, Messrs. Martino, made use of the collaboration of the architect Sessa to develop the design and of professionals in the engineering sector, filed the patent for industrial inventions of a container for liquid bags: the first container branded Martino & co, Ilbox, was born. It is a product that is destined to radically change the approach and habits of end users, but also of wine producers with respect to the "bag in box".

Starting from alternative materials to cardboard, 100% recyclable, to get to the reuse of the container by simply changing the wine bag, going from design to creating an object in various shapes and materials pleasing to the eye and to be exhibited in your homes, restaurants, wine bars, in a traditional tavern or tavern.

In a brief description, the casing includes two identical valves joined together by a hinge, which can be closed like a suitcase and locked by a snap clip. With the IlBox open, it is possible to place the bag full of liquid in the appropriate space by placing the dispenser cap in the respective recess and then close it "like a suitcase". From this moment you can tap your favorite wine from the special dispenser well anchored. Very simple right? There are also other types of “non-refillable” casings, therefore, without snap clips for closure. IlBox is equipped with a handle formed by two oval holes, allowing to accommodate the hand of a user to grab or easily carry IlBox. Practical right?

The company

Martino & Co.

Giuseppe and Stella Martino, father and daughter respectively, founded Martino & co. srl in 2020. Entrepreneurs in the goldsmith sector since 1995, they simultaneously decide to open up to new horizons by betting on this new project: the company explodes with "IlBox". Giuseppe has a very clear idea, he has imagined it for years in his head, he optimized it in his mind, correcting what he believes were the flaws of those already in use. Now he needs to make it happen and demands the collaboration of his daughter Stella. There is a need for ideas in step with the times, the use of cutting-edge technologies, professionals able to develop it at their best and a great desire to do. The idea becomes reality. And here it is that you get to perfection: IlBox. Many objectives, a mix of ideas, many dreams in the drawer, are the ingredients that lead the Martinos to believe in the project, to realize it and carry it forward, pushing their expectations higher and higher. The conviction leads to the filing of an industrial patent for the project and branches its sale in Italy, in Europe until it expands outside the continent.

The Designer

Arch. Giuseppe Sessa

Giuseppe Sessa, architect and designer, born in 1970, a pupil in Florence of Remo Buti, one of the leading exponents of radical architecture. While still a student, in 1998 he founded the Italian Design studio in Pontedera, the city of the legendary Vespa Piaggio. Here he begins to experiment with shapes and materials, designing furnishings for private homes, shops, exhibition stands, offices. Over the years he has grown professionally also thanks to collaborations with important brands such as Ifo Design, Formitalia, Tonino Lamborghini. He therefore deals with architecture, interior design and industrial design. He is always experimenting with new materials, testing prototypes in his own laboratory - a peculiarity of the studio and an additional design tool - which allows maximum control at every stage of the creative process. In collaboration with Vama cucine, in 2016 he designs Materia, a new concept of contemporary kitchen. In 2017, at the 6th edition of Architecture Work in Progress Worldwide, one of his works is one of 124 major international architecture projects.

Operations manager

Dr. Mirco Comparini

A long experience in many business sectors made available to Martino & Co srl also as a result of consolidated and profitable historical relationships with other companies of the Martino family. Enrolled in the ODCEC of Livorno since 1988 and in the Register of Statutory Auditors since 1992, he is a Professional Founding Partner of Studio Comparini & Russo since 1990, Founding Partner of the Professional Group srl and of the Company Comparini & Russo srl. During his professional career he has gained specific experience in the field of business contracts. For over 25 years he has been a highly specialized professional in consulting and assistance for franchising, commercial partnerships and other types of commercial networks. Editor of technical-professional articles since the early 2000s, he has been a Publicist Journalist since 2012 and collaborates with specialized professional magazines. Since 1991 he has taken on numerous roles and positions, including legal representation, within his own professional category at local, regional and national level. From 2012 to 2018, President, Promoter and Founder of IREF Italia, an association of partnership and franchising networks. Awarded in 2013 with "Diploma of Honor" signed by the French Ministry of Foreign Trade, by the President of the French Chambers of Commerce and by the President and the V. President of Federation IREF. From 2014 to 2015 (resigned) he was A.U. of Farma. srlu, a publicly owned company that manages the chain of Municipal Pharmacies in the City of Livorno. From 2020 to 2022 he was Operations Manager of Revilaw srl, an authorized MEF auditing company for which, since 2019, he oversaw the construction of the "Revilaw Network of Statutory Auditors", the first Italian network of independent professionals registered with the ODCECs of Italy.

Head of corporate accounting and personnel administration

Dott. Valter Magrini

Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Pisa in 1990. Since 1990 owner and legal representative of CED 3M sas, a company that deals with accounting processing and personnel administration. Since 1993 he has collaborated in the administrative and corporate development of the goldsmith company of the Martino family, first and subsequently in the development of the franchising network of the same, taking care of the relations between the company and the affiliates franchise stores in Treviso and Bolzano) and abroad (years from 2014 to 2019 in Prague - Czech Republic). From 2014 to 2018 member of the board of directors with economic/financial delegation in an Ivorian company producing crude palm oil. Liquidator activity in many companies (goldsmiths, agencies, etc.).